A Safe Dignified and Equal Society

Empower the Community In Order To Create MCSJ VISION 2024

“We shall achieve our mission based on the following values” Mandla Majola 

  • Ubuntu
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Transparency

The Movement for Change and Social Justice (MCSJ) is an alliance of organizations aiming to improve the health and lives of people in Gugulethu and surrounding areas.  MCSJ originated out of a need to address several health and social issues that have emerged in various neighborhoods. MCSJ is working to strengthen the relationship between various NGO’s and community organization in the area to address these issues and improve access to health and social services.  

To achieve these goals, MCSJ will host open dialogues about sensitive issues in the community, organize short-term campaigns to address specific challenges, and promote gender equality and the improvement of men’s and women’s health through education and health promotion. MCSJ is a joint initiative between the University of Cape Town (UCT), Brown University in the USA, Sonke Gender Justice (SGJ), Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), and several other partners who share the same values and would like to collaborate to bring about change in our community.  MCSJ is a not-for-profit, non-political, and non-religious initiative and is based in Men’s Wellness Center (MWC) on the premises of the NY3 clinic in Gugulethu. Our working area is Klipfontein sub-district, which includes the neighborhoods of Gugulethu, New Crossroads, Nyanga, Manenberg, KTC, Phillipi and Heideveld.



Guguletu CHC

Movement for Change and Social Justice (MCSJ) is an established Movement in Gugulethu that seeks to respond to community needs and challenges.

On Wednesday the 24th of May 2017 a march took place from the KTC clinic where a health worker was killed on his way home after work.

This was one of many incidences of violence and murder at this clinic.

The purpose of the march was two-fold: It was to urge the community of Gugulethu to be active participants towards a crime free community.

Secondly, the march to the police station was to deliver a memorandum of demands to the police, urging them to intensify their fight against crime and to ask for a mobile police station to be placed at the police station.

It so happened that the Deputy Minister of police was in the area and he came along to receive the memorandum with the chief of the police in Gugulethu, A mobile police station was placed at the clinic within 2 weeks.



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